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What is the Value of the Trust?

To carry out their duties properly, trustees must first ascertain the value on the date of each asset held in trust. This requires an inventory and appraisal of trust assets. One reason for this is to determine the net worth of the decedent, and determine whether federal estate taxes apply. Once the trustee has an accurate inventory of items in the trust, he or she must update the inventory list as items increase or decrease in value.

The Legal Line with Cliff Kelley – Aug 2017

While establishing a trust allows beneficiaries access to assets without going through probate, the legal obligation does not end with the creation of the trust. With the passing of the trustor, handling these sometimes-complex legal matters falls on the trustee, who has certain fiduciary duties to both the trust and its beneficiaries, not to mention an obligation to respect the final wishes of the trustor. Fiduciary oversight includes a number of duties, such as complying with state and federal laws, correctly transferring assets to beneficiaries, and preserving trust funds. Using an experienced Illinois trust attorney ensures that trustees fulfill these duties.

The Legal Line with Cliff Kelley – July 2017

The Importance of A Properly Administered Trust

A properly drafted and administered trust is an effective planning tool to help estates avoid going through probate. However, a trust cannot accomplish this goal unless it is administered correctly, ensuring the trustmaker’s wishes are carried out. A properly administered trust requires oversight. There are also costs and expenses associated with trust administration. An Illinois trust attorney advises and guides trustees through this often-confusing process.